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the hierarchy of the lost children
See how The Hierarchy has affected the lives of real people.
Join us at one of our live experience events. Give yourself the time to focus on your own spiritual well-being. Allow yourself to question your own views on faith, personal growth and the limits of human understanding. You too may be a celestial being just waiting to return to your home among the stars.

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Challenge yourself to discover new depths through the multi-player game "Group Dynamics". Weed out the weak, shed your human inhibitions and go further than you've ever gone before.


What past mistakes and traumas are clouding your human mind and keeping you from understanding your one true nature? And how will you confront them to become the luminous being you were always meant to be? Submit to a Soul Reading and find out.


How do you make real change in the world? You have the anger. You have the frustration. What's the next step? Find out in guided education and adjustment sessions led by the Archangel on duty.


You've always suspected you were somehow special, but your human mind throws up roadblocks at every turn. Just one personal intraphysics session could unlock the truth you know is buried deep inside.


Will you take that final step and commit yourself fully to The Hierarchy? Or will you lend your psychic energy to some other, more dedicated initiate as they make that commitment? Participate in The Hierarchy's sacred ritual "The Three Revelations of Metamorphosis".


Witness the journey of our patron saint, The Alpha, through the power of film. As she goes from lost neophyte to master and beyond, reflect on how her journey mirrors your own.
You've read the material. You've seen the testimonials. You're a person with an open heart and an unbounded curiosity. You're ready to take that next step toward truth and understanding.


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Learn some basic facts about The Hierarchy.
What is The Hierarchy?

The Hierarchy of The Lost Children is a group devoted to the advancement of human consciousness, and the unlocking of the true potential within us all. The Hierarchy believes that we are all fundamentally beings of pure energy, with skills and powers far beyond what we think we’re capable of today. It’s the goal of The Hierarchy to unlock these skills and powers, that we may all realize our true potential.

What does The Hierarchy Believe?

The Hierarchy believes that each of us has a perfect core of pure energy. This core represents our real selves. From the moment of our birth, we are constantly bombarded with the philosophies of The Grey Force. The Grey Force is the mass of humanity that will never realize their true potential. They are buried in an unending mountain of material goods, fast foods, drugs, alcohol, debt, mistrust, bad relationships, meaningless sex, jobs they hate, cigarettes they are told to smoke, news that sells them wars, police brutality, corrupt politicians, all of the things that they have come to accept as “the real world”.

The Grey Force is lost in one enormous, communal nightmare. One giant, world-wide lie. The Grey Force still have that perfect core of pure energy within them, but they will never access it, because they will never make that first step and call the lie a lie.

But there are others, seekers, life-long learners, auto-didacts, people from all corners of the globe and all walks of life, who simply will not settle for this lie. These people know there is something more out there, but they just have not quite figured out how to access it yet. We call these people “Sleepwalkers”.

These are the people who come to The Hierarchy.

“Sleepwalkers” have tried religion. They’ve tried philosophy. They’ve tried meditation. But each of those things is still polluted with the great lie of The Grey Force. Never underestimate the desire of The Grey Force to consume every special thing and turn it against you. Are you one of these “Sleepwalkers”? Do you have the sense that the way the world is, just is not right? If so, do you want to do something about it?

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How do I Join The Hierarchy?

The first step is simple. Attend one of our Live Experience Events. Here, you’ll have a chance to test out some of the techniques and workshops we offer. If you respond well to these techniques and workshops, you may be invited to proceed in your studies.

If you are selected to proceed, The Hierarchy would invite you into a six week “Angelwalking” course. During this course, you will partake in nightly study with one of your local chapter’s Principals. These study sessions start out simple enough. They focus your mind and improve your critical thinking skills through question and answer, reading comprehension, and deep meditation. The goal of these sessions is to break down all of the barriers you’ve built up within yourself, to begin carving the perfect you from the sludge of The Grey Force that’s built up around you and hindered you all of these years.

If you graduate to the level of “Angel”, you will prove your willingness to advance by undergoing The Hierarchy’s initiation “The Three Revelations of Metamorphosis”. This ceremony is the symbolic breaking of ties with The Grey Force, and the acknowledgement that you are a perfect being of pure energy.

After you pass through “The Three Revelations of Metamorphosis”, you will begin a 3 month course toward becoming “Principal”. Now’s when the real fun begins. By this time you’ve sharpened your mind like a fine blade and you’re ready to start pushing it beyond your perceived limits. Now is when you begin working under an Archangel to learn about your deeper mental capabilities. You will use ancient techniques, such as Yoga, combined with techniques known only to The Hierarchy, to begin unlocking your true potential. These sessions include the honing of psychic abilities, reading the future, connecting your mind with the minds of others in The Hierarchy, and in some cases moving objects with your own mind.

Once you’ve mastered these techniques, you will be eligible for the status of Archangel. But that’s a story for another time. Why not start with one of our Live Experience Events and see how it goes?

But I’ve Heard All of These Nasty Rumors About The Hierarchy!

They’re a cult! They’re nuts! They’re cannibals! They’ll take your first-born! These are the lies of The Grey Force, and trust us, we’ve heard them all. But don’t take our word for it. Why not come to one of our Live Experience Events and judge for yourself? The Hierarchy believes in making up your own mind. And besides, we never eat people on the first date!

Okay Seriously, What is This?

The Hierarchy is a live, fully interactive theater experience. You will actively take part in Hierarchy testing techniques and rituals. However, no one will force you into anything. It's up to you to decide how far you go.

The Hierarchy is not a LARP. Attendees are not asked to pretend they are something they're not, or take on any fictional roles. In fact, it is the truth you bring with you that makes the experience so compelling. Just come with a curious mind and an open heart, and you'll have a great time.